Good morning to all

That’s it, version 1.1.0 of MemberStat is finally available.

This version has fixed some bugs, such as the age search filter that was causing crashes.

We also made some changes to simplify the application:

Father and Mother have been renamed Parent 1 and Parent 2, to allow simplification and to comply with administrative standards.

Anything new?

In the feature additions, we have the possibility from a button, located in a member’s relationship page, to be able to automatically create a member and add him/her as a child of the member.




The appearance of the contact tab will allow you to enter the addresses, e-mails and telephones of your members.



Ability to count children from an age filter or the number of events a member has participated in. Perfect for your event management or member benefits!

Another new feature is the ability to save and load your searches as a .memberstat file. Convenient, isn’t it?