Despite his happy appearance, Star-chan sometimes had trouble falling asleep.

So the Startingames team brainstormed to find the perfect candidate for those hours of sleep: The ElePHPant plush.

Star-chan was thus very happy when he received the package and allowed her from now on to spend peaceful sleeps.

The two form a complementary group: They bring fun and good humor, which allows to boost the team in any kind of design!

ElePHPant, official mascot of PHP created by Vincent PONTIER in 1998 was widely accepted by the developer community to make a iconic banner that will be part of the language. For the whole team, this mascot is important and we consider it as carrying pioneering values in today’s Web.

It is with pleasure that the elePHPant will accompany us during our development sessions & future exhibitions on our exhibit in the form of a plush toy.


Several versions of ElePHPant exist, you can see them in their wild state here:

You are a developer and you too want to adopt this wonderful animal:

  • Watch out! After adoption, you must give it regularly 6/7 PHP scripts per day. It is very important to respect this rule for the animal welfare.