Startingames : Open Source ?


Answer is yes, and not just out of the purposes of open source.

You may not know it, but Startingames offers the sources of some projects. It’s not about making all projects open source but we try to integrate as much as possible the community through initiatives such as open source when possible.

Open source brings advantages for Startingames but also, and above all, for you! It allows you to study the different techniques we use in our development and to highlight security flaws. These techniques are specific to each developer, there are surely better and worse but after all, it’s the result that counts, isn’t it?

Also, people wishing to contribute to the projects are welcome! To do so, simply read the conditions linked to the project.


Types of Open source project that Startingames suggests

Startingames will be able to offer you two main types of open source projects: Classic and Managed.

  • Classic
    This is the most widespread type of project in the open source world. Clone, Fork and more are available at will according to the terms of the applied license!
  • Managed
    This is a type of project specific to Startingames. Halfway between proprietary and open source projects, it combines the advantages of both worlds. It allows you to consult the source code in order to suggest improvements but the project remains the property of Startingames. This concretely means that Startingames is the only one who can distribute the project. Any derivative is thus prohibited. You only have the possibility to contribute by downloading the project to make certain improvements then by providing all of your modifications to the Startingames team in order to be officially applied.
    The goal is not to “hide” the contributions but to guarantee users a reliable and efficient product while avoiding differences of opinion creating almost identical copies. With this in mind and out of respect for the community, Startingames is committed to listening to users and contributors, as well as to mentioning the collaborators who have helped with the developments.


Are projects already available?

Of course ! What would be the interest of a GitHub without project ?

Startingames are already provides the MemberStat project in Managed open source.
Disponible ici :


A Github !? That’s cool but it will be kept up to date, …right ?

You’re right !
Classic project follow the development as close as possible. They are, by nature, necessarily up to date.
For Managed projects, it’s slightly different. These receive only the sources corresponding to the distributable versions of the project. So the sources are technically always free of critical BUGs (unless if the bug also exists in production version). However, don’t panic!

Star-chan will be happy to automatically publish updates when they are officially released !