After several feedbacks from some users, the team worked to release V1.0.0 of the software. This version brings a lot of new features, let’s take the opportunity to discover them together.

New Features :

An installation & configuration system

To facilitate use of our software, this new update comes with an executable allowing the installation of the software on your computer. The portable zipped version is still available and will be kept up to date.


At the first launch of the application, a configuration tool will be at your disposal to guide you through the configuration of MemberStat. The purpose of this new system is to simplify the first use for any user wishing to take advantage of the software.


A new mode system: Local version


Two modes available: Local or Server

Following various requests, the local version is available on MemberStat.

This version allows MemberStat to be installed without an external database and allows the use of the application without a user login system !

MemberStat can therefore be used on a single computer or several with centralization of your data according to your needs. Perfect for various organizations such as a company, an association or simply an individual/self-employed !

The classic operation of MemberStat with a remote server and authentication still exists under the name Server Mode. Server Mode has a connection test system that allows you to check if your client is logged in at the base.


Fixes and updates :

Localization system

The localization system has been improved to allow the user not to choose their default language if they wish.

Responsive login screen

The login screen has been updated to allow screen responsiveness on different media.

Comments on members

The member edit screen now welcomes the possibility to put a comment on the person. This allows you to add additional information such as phone number, address…

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Released – 2020/04/25



Local Mode with SQLite


Comment on Members


System Localization detection


Desktop Mode


Configuration Tool => Wizard Style


Login is now responsive

BUG correction

Some corrections


CHUTIN Nicolas

MIENS Joachim

Configuration Tool + Testing