After a great holiday season, we’re off to the 2020 announcements!

Startingames will be present at the Global Game Jam 2020!

But…What is the Global Game Jam?

First of all, let’s talk about the game jam concept. The game jam is an event during which you have to create a game under one or more constraints. Most often, it is associated with a theme constraint (a word, letter, video, image… and open to interpretation) and time (most often, the majority of jams are between 24h, 48h or a week). A game jam can be done alone or in a team, at home or in a dedicated place. For the most curious, a large list of jams are listed on the website. (

Let’s talk about the Global Game Jam. This is one of the biggest world jams, taking place all over the world at venues designated by different organizers. It can be compared to the Hackathon specialized in game development. The event lasts 48 hours and encourages people in more than 113 countries to embark on the great adventure of video game development, both beginners and experts. It is above all a place of sharing and meeting where the key word of this event is: collaboration.


And where will the Startingames team be located?

We estimated 4 of our members present for the event. We will give you a lot of news on the subject and the progress of the game to be made at the Jam 😜.

Being used to working together, we will try to see to try to spread members through different teams to help as much as possible.

For people who want to participate in the event and ask us different questions, please come and see us! 🙂


Members present at the Global Game Jam & the different sites:

  • Marius Munier – Besançon, France
  • Joachim Miens – Dijon, France
  • Nathan Voizeux – Dijon, France
  • Antonin Vigneron – Dijon, France