Oof… !

After many months without a good website, Startingames is back to a more relevant site than “404 not found”.

Since its creation, Startingames has had various WEB sites. Several technologies have been tried (WordPress, PHP, Laravel…). Today WordPress finally won for version 5! The most surprising thing is that the first site was already running on WordPress. It is therefore a kind of return to the origins.

Why so many sites ?

The main reason is that the Startingames website is destined to evolve constantly to meet our objectives and integrate our new technologies. We needed a site that met several requirements:

  • Modularity
  • Easy for publication
  • Personnal et professionnal
  • Secure
  • Modern

All previous versions have allowed us to understand what can be done with each method and under which concessions. Moreover, it has allowed us to acquire additional skills that will allow us, today, to provide you with a site that meets our expectations and, we hope, the vultures.

Why WordPress ?

WordPress is a regularly updated CMS. In particular, it allows us to free ourselves from a multitude of constraints, both in terms of security and development time. In addition, it allows us to easily add modules that we can develop in-house. Finally, the time saved on our site allows us to be more attentive to your needs and to satisfy our customers’ needs more quickly.